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There are some many kinds of lifting equipment widley employed in different types of industrial cycles. Right here in this post, the writer will select some featured products to let you know more about this kind of machine. When you need this kidn of mancnine, you can use your knowledge what you have learned form this post or anywhere you learned related to this kind of machine. In the following contents, you will get to know the crane mainly in four aspects, definition, types for selection, hot sale types.

What is double girder crane?

A double beam bridge overhead crane is a kind of hoisting equipment designed with double beams. From its name, you can obviously, this kind of crane is classified by its structure designs. With this structure, you can use it do material handling operations more efficiently and balancely. The double girder crane specifications are also for high performance configurations. They have doubletrolleysystems, and they can also be equipped with double hoisting systems, such as hooks, or grabs, and magnets. Thus, classified by configurations, there are EOT double girder cranes, doubel beam cranes with grabs, electric double girder overhead cranes with magnets, and explosion proof double girder cranes for coal mines.

Single or double girder crane, how to choose?

Except for the double girder crane, there is also another kind of girder crane, the single girder crane for material handling applications.. Compared to the double girder one, it has one single beam. This design is simple and takes us smaller space. Both of them can be amnufacutred with light duties and heavy dutiess, while usually, the former, the double beam hoists, is more sommonly seen the last one. If you have a large factory, you can choose the double girder once as your main lifting equipment, however if you do not want your lifitng device to take us so much sapce in your warehouse, yopu can select the single girder one. Usually, the double girder one is the best one, if you want to lift heavy loading materials more efficiently.

Double girder hot cranes

There are many kinds of overhead cranes, among them, the double girder grab cranes, a double girderoverhead crane with grab buckets can be widely applided in refuse treatements plants, grains factories, and double beam overhead explosion proof cranes, a kind of dedicated cranes applide to working environments filled with explosive airs. Intested in more tyoes of double girder cranes, welcome to